Monday, April 7, 2014

I Sent Some Really Great Mail Once...

One of the unique things about Snail Mail as a hobby is that you create something unique and wonderful and you mail it away...never to be seen again by you.  I love creating awesome snail mail but sometimes it takes me FOREVER to be inspired.  And once I mail it away, I quickly forget my brilliant idea, clever pun or cute illustrations.  I needed a way to document my snail mail masterpieces!! I didn't want to do double the work and make an exact copy of the piece, nor do I have unlimited storage space to file away the duplicates. What to do????

That's when I stumbled upon a wonderful app called Artkive !!

Artkive is really intended for digitally storing, printing and sharing your child's art and schoolwork.  The Murphy Bros. are teenagers now and don't bring home artwork from school anymore (sniff) but I use this wonderful app to document my snail mail projects!!  It's user friendly and fun to use!  I never have to tax my old memory again trying to remember exactly what pun I wrote in Mom's Mother's day card or Grandma's birthday letter!

Go Postal, Everybody!
~XOXO Mrs. Murphy 

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