Thursday, April 3, 2014

Letter Writing is Child's Play!

Sending mail to children is one of my favorite snail mail activities!  When it comes to creating mail for kids, you don't have to write a logical, hum-drum daily event filled letter.  I admit I'm sometimes self conscious about my "extra" creative letters for other adults. (Should I send this? Will they think I'm super weird?!)  Do you want to write a letter about chickens? (I did!)  Go right ahead!  A child will receive such a letter with giggles and delight!

(The Chicken Letter for my 6 year old pen pal, Violet!)

I try to include a lot of drawings and sketches.  Kids appreciate any art that you include and will think you are an artist extraordinaire!  Remember, perfectionism is a KILLER!  If it's silly or looks goofy that's okay!  Your recipient will laugh all the harder!  Sending a letter in honor of or even from the family pet is another fun idea.  

(A dog inspired letter to a young pen pal in honor of my dog, Lexi!)

Get colorful!  Use fun pens and add decorative tapes and stickers!  Include poems, jokes, magazine photos or coloring sheets.  Another technique I use to inspire return mail is asking questions!  I might include my "TOP 5 Favorite Things About Me" and ask for my recipient to tell me their own TOP 5. 
Don't forget to incorporate the envelope.  Opening the mailbox and finding a beautiful and fun envelope only heightens the happiness! 

(Doodles and vintage "dog" postage adorn the envelope!)

Writing to your own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews is the place to start!  Any letters from you will most likely be saved and treasured for a lifetime!  Children of friends (or friends of your children) are also wonderful letter writing relationships to cultivate.  There is nothing quite like a fun letter filled with encouraging words!  Who wouldn't want some Mailbox Magic of their own? 

Get out there and write an awesome letter to a young friend or family member!! I'm pretty sure you will receive a reply! Yay! 

~XOXO Mrs. Murphy 

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