Friday, May 16, 2014

Letters - A Legacy of Love

I have a few items that one might consider "family heirlooms."  I was given my great grandmother's china and my grandmother's wedding band.  I love having these items but no matter how much I look at, touch or use them I don't know what the day to day life of their owners was like. I don't know what their thoughts, joys and fears were when they were my age.  Saving special items for your loved ones is wonderful, but this post is about encouraging you to write (and save) letters!! Wouldn't you love to read the words of your great-great grandmother?  Wouldn't it be great to pass on a collection of correspondence between you and your sweetheart for future generations to read?

My cousin recently shared some letters that her father wrote to her mother when they were separated during WWII.  They had been recently married when my great uncle was stationed overseas. He wrote to my great aunt everyday, sometimes twice!  This collection of letters is an invaluable treasure to my cousin and a definite family heirloom!!


I hope this encourages you to write more letters! Your letters will bring much joy and happiness to the recipient today and be a wonderful and unique look into your life for generations to come!!

Let's Go Postal!! 
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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