Monday, May 26, 2014

Surprise! and Thank You!!

I'll admit it. I am horrible at sending "expected" mail. "What!?" You may ask incredulously. It's true. I, Mrs. Murphy, the lover of all things postal, probably won't send you a birthday or anniversary card. And you're not likely to receive a timely thank you note from me. Sorry. Don't be too disappointed. Snail mail is my creative outlet. I want my letters to be an unexpected source of delight in the recipient's mailbox.  I want mail from Mrs. Murphy to be clever, unique and magical! Therefore, I must wait for inspiration to strike.  And it usually doesn't strike on or near my recipient's birthday. (sigh)

I will send thank you notes, of course, I don't want to be rude. But I have been known to send a thank you email or text! And yes, I've completely forgotten to send them, too! (I'm SO sorry!!)

Sending unexpected thank you notes is a true source of joy and inspiration for me, however, something I am always in the mood to do!! I recently read a wonderful book, A Simple Act of Gratitude  by John Kralik. This book is a touching memoir of a man's journey from desperation to joy through the writing of thank you notes. This book was so motivating!!

The thank you notes were a blessing to the recipients, of course, but what was most incredible was the dramatic change in the author's perspective and subsequent change in his life!!  Mr. Kralik set a goal of writing 365 thank you notes over the course of a year. I haven't set a specific goal, but hope to write as many surprise thank you notes as I can.  The author kept track of his thank you notes on a spreadsheet. I prefer my Snail Mail Notebook - more fun to decorate!

Join me in spreading some joy! Write some unexpected thank you notes to people in your life today!  

"I can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks." William Shakespeare

Thank you!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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