Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Purrrr-fect Idea For Snail Mail in June!

Guess what I just found out?  June is "Adopt-a-Cat-Month!" Do I have a cat?  No. Am I planning on adopting a cat?  No.  Do I even like cats?  Well...sure, but I am more of a dog person.  (I am Lexi the Wonder Dog's Mom, after all.)  So why am I excited about National "Adopt-a-Cat-Month? Snail Mail inspiration, of course!!  I am always on the look out for new snail mail ideas and when I heard about adopt-a-cat-month, I knew I could create something in honor of it!!

I decided on two lovely pen pals for my kitty cat post. The first, my sister, actually did adopt two kittens. I created a little pun-tastic card for her. (Collecting puns is my second favorite hobby!)

My other pen pal recipient is not exactly a cat lover...but she always appreciates a little humor!!

So get out your stationary and write something! It's the purr-fect time for snail mail!!!

Go postal, everybody!!
~XOXO Mrs. Murphy 

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