Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Making the Mundane Magical

I keep a "to-do" list in my calendar. This list is usually filled with such mundane tasks as pick up the groceries, stop at bank, return church key, bring baby gift for coworker. Although the list may be boring, completion of the tasks doesn't have to be!! This was my actual list of errands from last week. While I was ticking things off the list, inspiration struck! Why not turn completing these tasks into snail mail opportunities?

 Our family volunteers to clean our church building.  Every few months it's our family's turn. Normally we pick up the church key from the office and return it on another day. (We have to lock the building when we're done cleaning it.) Instead of driving over to the church and dropping it off, I decided to send a little snail mail package for the office staff! (Yay! Unexpected = Magical!) I wrote notes of thanks and appreciation for our senior pastor, our youth/worship pastor and our church secretary. I enclosed all three notes in a padded envelope along with some small candy (Laffy Taffy, Nerds, etc.) and of course, THE KEY! I mailed away the package and checked another item off my list. I heard from my recipients the very next day! They loved it!

My next "snail-mailable" task was the sending of a baby gift. The gift was for a coworker who recently had a baby.  I was lamely planning on bringing the gift to work to give to her. (Yawn) Why not increase the magic factor and snail mail it?!  I packed up my gift, enclosed a little note and took the gift to my post office.  I used my own box (I snazzed it up a little bit, of course!) but the post office has some super cute boxes and mailing envelopes from which to choose! (See USPS picture below). My friendly postal clerk weighed my gift and for just a few dollars I was able to send some magic through the mail!!  (The post office is a fun place, people!!)

I really enjoyed trying to think of ways to incorporate snail mail into my daily life!! It definitely turned the mundane into something truly magical!! 

Go postal, everybody!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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