Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Snail Mail: ALWAYS Better Late Than Never!

My parents celebrated their anniversary recently. Not just any old anniversary...it was their 50th!! Did I send snail mail on time? No, of course not.  Did I feel bad about this? Yes, yes I did. BUT did I let it stop me from creating some awesome snail mail for them? NEVER!! If there is any adage that I live by in my snail mail world it is this: "Snail mail is ALWAYS better late than never!" I wanted to post this to encourage you to adopt this same policy in your snail mail connections with family and friends. I love it when there is some special snail mail magic waiting for me in my mailbox. I have received responses to my letters many months after I've sent something. Do I mutter to myself, "Well, it's about time!" No!! Absolutely not! I love to receive honest to goodness snail mail and it doesn't matter when or for what reason. Your recipients will feel the same way. So don't let shame over the lateness of your post ever keep you from sending it.

I decided to create a little mini book for my parents' anniversary as a celebration of their 50 years together. The little book was silly and lighthearted, but I also included a hand-written letter telling my parents how much I appreciated them and their legacy of love that is being carried forward into the younger generations of our family. My mom texted me the day she got it and said she loved it (and the snail mail artist who sent it, too!) Yay!! Magic!!

Rid yourself of your shame, my fellow procrastinators!! Dig out your stationery and send that letter!! 

Go Postal, Everybody
Mrs Murphy


  1. "Better late than never" ought to be my motto. You've reminded me of a birthday card I failed to send to a friend whose been soooo faithful all these years.

    1. Wonderful!! I'm so glad you're sending it. A friend just sent me a Christmas card and letter she failed to send during the holidays. I LOVED getting it in June instead of December! It was definitely magic in my mailbox!