Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Snail Mail! The Cure for the Common Doldrums!

I love vintage ads, typography and photographs and recently came across a product labeled "Brain Salts." 
I was intrigued. What was this mystery product? Did one use it in the kitchen when cooking brains? Perhaps it was composed of dried, ground brains? Nothing like a dash of brain salt to season your dinner and keep it tasting smart! 

I discovered that this mystery product was a medicinal, not culinary, potion used in the treatment of headache, nervousness, mania, sea sickness, sleeplessness, over brainwork and indigestion. There was very little these brain salts couldn't cure!! 

I don't know where one can procure brain salts, but I do know of something better!! It cures boredom, loneliness, melancholy, apathy, incuriosity, lethargy, tedium, ennui, listlessness and monotony! Yes, that's right!!  It's snail mail!! I received a wonderful letter from a new pen pal today. It totally cured me of my doldrums!! Hooray for snailmail! It's magic!! (Much better than brain salts!) 
Go Postal, everybody!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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