Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snailmail ~ Where Seldom is heard a Discouraging Word!!

“Instruction does much, but encouragement everything."  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nothing cheers me up like a hand written letter in my mailbox!! And it goes without saying that I absolutely LOVE making snail mail to send to someone who needs a little encouragement.  Today's outgoing post idea is my way of encouraging you to send some encouraging snailmail!!

I started with a pun, of course! 
"Orange you glad..." 

My discouraged recipient recently entered a new life stage and was feeling a tad overwhelmed. She was also surrounded, of course, by people who kept pointing out all of the negative things about her situation. (There never seems to be a lack of Negative Nellies in one's life, is there?) I wrote a note to my pen pal outlining the "Top 5 Reasons" her new situation was awesome! I hope this note brought a smile to her face and a little cheer to her heart. Magic!

Orange you glad you sent some snailmail?!

Go postal, everybody!!
~XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. Your note must have been like apples of silver in settings of gold. That's mail she'll hold on to.