Saturday, August 23, 2014

Moving Picture Mailbox Magic ~ Postal Box Office

My love of mail and all things postal goes beyond just sending and receiving letters. Finding a book, movie or television show that has an epistolary element is a special joy for me!  I thought I would periodically share some of my favorites on the Mrs. Murphy's Mailbox Magic blog! I am always a bit nervous about making any book or movie recommendations to others as we all have unique tastes and preferences.  Just consider this a peek into my favorites...not necessarily something you will love. 

The first film I want to share is "Amelie" (2001). This French film tells the tale of a super shy waitress who decides to change the lives of the people around her for the better. There are a couple "mail" elements in this film that are quite fun. Amelie reads an article in the newspaper about a mail bag that was lost due to a plane crash and is eventually found by hikers years later.  The news story gives Amelie the idea of creating a "lost" letter for a widow from her estranged husband, who died shortly after leaving her. The letter is a success and helps soothe the widow's pain. 

My favorite postal element in the film, however is Amelie's father's garden gnome.  In an effort to encourage her father to follow his dream of traveling the world,  Amelie steals his garden gnome and has a flight attendant friend airmail pictures of the gnome posing with landmarks from all over the world to Amelie's father!  He is humorously nonplussed but eventually is encouraged to pack his suitcases!!

"Amelie" is one of my all time favorite films and is a wonderful example of using post to bring joy and encouragement to others!! Yay! Mailbox Magic!!

*(This film is rated R for nudity and sexual content, so please read the film info and reviews for yourself. It is also subtitled...some folks don't like that. Be warned.)

Go postal, everybody!!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. Mrs. Murphy,

    I love that movie! It's my favourite. After seeing the film, I started sending out scenic postcards with gnomes on them.

  2. Haha! I love it! I would definitely like to receive one of those post cards!