Monday, August 4, 2014

The Question Letter! Why not?

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." ~ Voltaire

When the Murphy Bros. were young whippersnappers they were full of energy. Their exuberant life force was wonderful on the playground, but not so great in the doctor's office, at a restaurant, or worst of all, on an airplane! In an effort to keep some semblance of order (and to hang on to my own sanity) I created "The Question Game!"  Basically I came up with a zillion questions that I would ask the boys whenever we were waiting.  They enjoyed it because some of the questions were silly and got them laughing. Others were more thought provoking and I loved listening to their "deep" little boy answers!
The Question Game is not just for kids. I've played it with many different people, family members, old friends, new acquaintances, co-workers, friends of the Murphy Bros. It's always fun!

Recently I sent a Question Game inspired letter to one of my pen pals.  I composed a letter around one question. I wrote my answer making sure to give lots of details and I included a few illustrations! It was great fun! I can't wait to receive my pen pal's reply!

Here are a few questions to get your creative juices flowing...

  • If, with your safety guaranteed, you could experience something considered very dangerous, what would you want to experience most of all?
  • If your name were given as the description for any one word in the dictionary, behind what word would people find your name? 
  • If you had to choose your own epitaph of eight words or fewer (besides name and dates), what would it say?
  • If you could be the editor-in-chief of any magazine in circulation, having significant input as to the style and content of the publication, which magazine would you choose?
  • What season best describes you? Why?
  • Of all the rooms in all the homes you've ever lived, which was your favorite?
  • If you could enter a racehorse in the Kentucky Derby, what would you name your horse?

Now I have a question for you... Why not go postal?! Send more mail, people.

XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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