Sunday, September 14, 2014

Be A (Paper) Doll ~ Send Fun Mail!

Do you remember the book "Flat Stanley"? 

First published in 1964, "Flat Stanley" tells the tale of Stanley Lambchop, a boy who is flattened in his sleep in a freak bulletin board accident. Fear not! Stanley survives and makes the best of his situation.  The Murphy Bros. and I thoroughly enjoyed this book when they were young.  I, of course, think the best part of Flat Stanley's adventure is his new ability to travel by post! Just stick Stanley in an envelope, put him in the mailbox and off he goes! Fun!

I adopted this idea and made a "Mailable Mrs. Murphy" to send to one of my pen friends! I made a paper doll body out of card stock and pasted my face on it! I challenged my friend to take "Mailable Mrs. Murphy" (aka Paper Kate) around their city and to document the tour with photos.  I also asked my pen friend to mail me a souvenir from Paper Kate's trip to the city! 

Who doesn't want to travel by mail? Sounds like magic to me?!

Let's go postal, everybody!

~XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. Mrs Murphy,
    I love this idea. I had registered to participate in some Flat Stanley school projects but have never heard anything so maybe I'll just send my own flat self out there looking for adventure. You are cordially invited to send your flat self to England if you get wanderlust again!

    1. Thanks, Anna M!! I will definitely send my flat self to visit you in England!!! I hoping that my paper representative could blaze a trail that my real self will follow!!

  2. I modified this idea slightly and sent a "Paper Mom" to the college Murphy Brother! I'll post about it soon!