Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Birds of a Feather...Write Letters Together!

I am in love with letter writing, envelopes, stamps, mailboxes and all things postal.  Sending and receiving snail mail is a simple thing but it's one of my greatest joys! I would be remiss, however, if I didn't also express my love of social media. Without the wonderful, world wide web I would never have connected with other like minded snail mail enthusiasts and pen pals! I'm excited to tell you about a fun, simple way to do just that!! Communicate with other snail mail supporters and share your awesome postal hobby via the magic of the internet with a...

 Postal Challenge! 

Postal challenges are limited only by your imagination! I've read about monthly and yearly challenges, mail art challenges, postcard challenges, love letter challenges, you name it! I'm super excited to join a recent postal challenge I read about on Barb's blog RiteWhileUCan.  #Thankfulmail is a postal challenge for the month of October. My Canadian friends celebrate Thanksgiving in October and Barb and a few of her fellow Canadians have created this challenge. (They've even included an awesome printable!) Simply send some snailmail every week in October and share how thankful you are. If you use the hash-tag #Thankfulmail you can share your outgoing post and get inspired by other letter lovers on social media!  I think I'll continue my thankful mail throughout November and American Thanksgiving! What a great idea!

Sounds magical, doesn't it? Count me in!!

Go postal, everybody! 
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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