Thursday, September 4, 2014

My First "O-fish-al" College Care Package

The Murphy Home has forever changed. Our first little sparrow has left the nest. We shipped the elder Murphy Brother off to university a few weeks ago. (sniff) While I admit that I miss him terribly, I am super excited to create and send him creative, encouraging snail mail!! Woo Hoo!! I slipped a post card into the mail a few days after we dropped him off, but I couldn't wait to send him his first official college care package!!

Since he is officially a college student now and this was my first official care package I decided to go with a "fish" theme! You know how I love a good play on words! I started by picking up as many fish-themed items as I could think of from the dollar store...Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish Candy, Gummy Worms, a stuffed animal fish toy, etc. I even put a pack of playing cards in the package. I wrote "Go Fish" on the front. I threw in a few non-fishy snacks that I thought my college boy would enjoy. I wrote a letter (including a fish pun) and decorated the inside of a shoe box with fun fishy festooning!!

I loaded up my care package and sealed up the box.  I had asked my friendly postal staff earlier in the week, "What is the most economical way to ship a care package?" I had heard of those flat rate boxes and thought that might be the way to go.  As usual, the USPS staff was very helpful.  Turns out those boxes are most economical if your package is heavier than four pounds or if it is traveling far away.  My care package was lighter than that and was only traveling about 150 miles so priority mail was the way to go. For about $3.50 my first "O-fish-al" college care package was on it's way!! Magic!

Go postal, people!! 
(It's definitely magic!)

XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. You crack me up! I would have never come up with a "fish" theme! Thanks for sharing...I have 3 in college right now...this theme could come in handy!

  2. HaHa!! I'm glad SOMEONE likes my humor!! This son loves to go fishing so I thought he might like it on a couple of levels!! Can't wait to see your college snail mail ideas!!