Monday, October 13, 2014

Postal Box Office: Beaches

I was flipping through the television channels the other day and came upon "Beaches."  I hadn't seen this film in a loooong time.  I had forgotten it was an episilatory movie!! (Movies that have some reference to letter writing.)

The two main characters meet when they are children while on vacation.  Although they come from different sides of the country with varied backgrounds, they begin a pen pal friendship that lasts throughout their childhood, high school and college years. They are reunited for the first time again as adults.  Their friendship is filled with many ups and downs and is filled with both joy and tragedy but endures it all and lasts a lifetime.

I believe this movie celebrates a wonderful snail mail truth.  People from different places and backgrounds (and even with differing interests) can become friends through the exchange of letters! Opening your heart to another via snail mail is a special way to connect with someone and can forge a friendship that may last for a lifetime! Letters can be read and re-read, touched, saved and cherished.  They are a true symbol of friendship.  So go find a pen pal and write them a letter! Who knows?  You may make a friend for life!!

Go postal, everybody! (It's very friendly!)

XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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