Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tag! You've Got Mail!

Mail Tag is one of the most fun games you can play via post! The only real requirement for the game is this...
It must be played with a snail mail loving partner or the game will end after one turn! (Boo hoo)

The rules are simple.  

  1. Partner One writes a fun letter with a challenge or question for Partner Two.
  2. Partner Two completes the challenge (usually with photo documentation). Writes a letter describing the awesomeness of completing the challenge and includes their own task for Partner One to complete. 
  3. Repeat until one of you dies...or gets sick of mail tag...whichever comes first. (Probably death, because Mail Tag is really awesome and who wouldn't want to keep it going?!)
So what kind of tasks/challenges should you include in your game of Mail Tag?  Well, one is really only limited by imagination, but I do have a few, friendly guidelines to make your game of Mail Tag magical! 
  • Think postal friendly! It's often fun to request items from your partner. Choosing flat, easily mailable, inexpensive items is best. You don't want to make Mail Tag cost prohibitive.
  • Get creative but not crazy! You don't want your partner to get hurt or arrested! Challenge wisely, young snail mailer.
  • Use a hashtag (#MrsMurphyMailTag) and share a picture of yourself completing your challenge on social media for even more fun.
  • Can't think of anything? Check out this awesome Mail Tag idea generator on Bianca's fun Mail Tag website: Mail Tag
Mail Tag! Sounds magical, doesn't it?!  (That's because it totally is!!)

Go postal, everybody... because Tag! You're it!

XOXO Mrs. Murphy 

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