Monday, November 3, 2014

Show and Tell ... and Mail

Remember the second grade ritual of show and tell? I simultaneously loved and hated this standard elementary school event.  I loved sharing something special to me, but would be mortified if my special something was ridiculed or scorned.
Why not try the kinder, gentler version of show and tell...and mail?!  Take a snap shot of you with your glorious gizmo and tell the tale of how you acquired it in your letter.  Feeling artistic? Try your hand at illustrating your outstanding object. That always makes for a fun and special letter! Perhaps you have an interesting hobby to share?  Try creating a "post-able" sample of your work and mail it to your pen friend! Have you been on an adventure recently? Tell your pen pal all about it in a show and tell letter. Include a souvenir (ticket stub, program, map), a photo of you on the adventure, or break out those pens and pencils and make an awe inspiring illustration!! (A stick figure is definitely awe inspiring! Right?!) 
Letters like this are extremely enjoyable. And don't worry about the ridicule factor. Snail mail makes everything magical! 

Go postal, everybody!
~XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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