Monday, January 12, 2015

Pushing The Envelope

One of my favorite activities is walking out to my mailbox, opening that cute little door and peeking inside.  I love the anticipation. Did I get any "good mail" today? If so, from whom? What mailbox magic does it contain? Often times I can tell with just a cursory glance.  The envelopes tend to give their contents away.  Is it a plain, white, business envelope? Probably a bill or something decidedly non-magical. Boo!

So in an effort to bring greater joy to my pen friends...AND because it's super-duper fun, I like to decorate my envelopes!  Now, the truly gifted folks out there create masterpieces known as mail art. These pieces are a joy to behold and would be wonderful even if they were empty, but in my experience, ten times out of ten, they contain a letter! Bliss! No major artistic talent is needed to create envelope art.  Simply add a little doodle, sticker, tape, stamps...anything you have! Get those creative juices flowing.

Here's a little something I just posted...

I am always eager to use up what I have on hand in a new and creative way. I found this great vintage picture of a lady eating watermelon in a magazine. She's a little out of focus, but I think that adds to her charm.  I added a little decorative tape, a doodle and some old postage stamps. (I love postage stamps and save interesting ones from the letters I receive from my pen pals. It's fun to reuse them to decorate my new outgoing post.) A few rubber stamps and a "mail art" sticker are the finishing touches. Nothing fancy...just fun!

Why not try decorating your outgoing envelopes? It's like sending a present within a present! In a word...magic!

Go Postal, Everybody!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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