Friday, January 16, 2015

Three Ring Post!

We all have seasons of life that are especially crazy and hectic. I was recently inspired to create some "when your life is a circus" mail. 

I had some of those fabulous USPS circus stamps and a droll circus pun that needed sharing!  It was the perfect recipe for mailbox magic!
 I wrote an encouraging letter to my frazzled friend and included some circus themed illustrations throughout my letter, and of course my favorite...the pun. "Has life turned into a bit of a scary circus? Just remember this advice: Keep calm and go for the juggler." (Hee Hee! That one cracks me up!)

Always be on the lookout for inspiration! I enjoy keeping a journal of snail mail ideas and I have a pinterest board called "mailbox magic".
I also keep a notebook of recipients. When I hear about someone going through a tough time, a new adventure, a change of any kind...I write it in my notebook, sending some spontaneous snail mail at just the right time is definitely magic!!!

Go postal, everybody!
XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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