Monday, March 23, 2015

Collage is Cool!

I've been having fun lately creating some snailmail with collage. Every once in awhile I go through my stash of magazines and catalogs and cut out interesting images, color combinations and designs. I keep this collage in a folder and pull it out every so often when I have a block of time to get a little messy. You know, glue sticks and stuff.

I enjoy altering the image to incorporate a "postal" element and adding it to a card or envelope for maximum mailbox magic!! (My favorite!)

I never considered myself an artist.  I was always self conscious and critical of anything I did.  "I'm not a real artist," I would tell myself.  Well...I got OVER that! If you have the urge to create something then do it! Let your imagination run wild and share your joy of creating with others. It doesn't have to be perfect. If you are afraid other people will ridicule your work then send it to ME!  I promise to receive your positive mailart with joy!

Try some collage mail art today!  It's magical!

Go Postal, Everybody!!

XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. I'm not creative when it comes to collage, but I so admire people who are. I think a great sense of humor, coupled with a vivid imagination, along some serious cutting and pasting skills are required to be a successful collagist. Perhaps I simply lack the necessary collage gene. :)

    This guy is so happy. Great job.

  2. What a fantastic envelope! Looks very artistic to me. (^o^)

    1. Thanks, Jan!! I had fun creating it, that's for sure!