Sunday, June 14, 2015

Here Comes The Sun...and the Mail

It is no secret to the readers of this blog that I LOVE snailmail and all things postal. But I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you yet another way that sending and receiving mail is wonderful.

Not long ago I heard about The Sunshine Box Project By David.  This great project was started by David's mom, Abby.  David was born with down syndrome and a heart defect that needed surgery.  Abby decided that sending a box full of sunshine to other kids who were facing health difficulties and trials was a great way to send love, support and encouragement through the post.  Her project matches up "Sunshine Buddies" with sponsors from all over! 

I recently mailed off my first sunshine box to my Sunshine Buddy in Alabama! The traditional "sunshine boxes" that you see on Pinterest and around the internet include mostly yellow or orange items.  I didn't follow that example, however.  My Sunshine Buddy's mom sent me a private message including likes, dislikes, interests and sizes for my recipient.  So I packed up some stuff I picked out just for him and mailed it away in a flat rate shipping box.  Easy!  I hope he finds it as magical to receive as I did to send. 

Snailmail is a fantastic way to spread love and sunshine to those who need it most! It's magical!

Go Postal, Everybody!  
XOXO Mrs. Murphy


  1. What a kind, thoughtful, loving thing to do.

  2. yes a very loving thing to do ...kudos to you and again prayers are going out to you for your father and we prayed for him in church this am .