Thursday, August 27, 2015

Of Mice and Mail

Every once in a while I go through my belongings and purge. It feels good to find new homes for loved items that are no longer being used! It's never wise to hold onto too many material possessions. A cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind (and believe me, my mind is already a little jumbled.) 

Anyway, as I was going through some old books that the Murphy Bros. and I read when they were wee lads, I remembered one of my young pen pals. She is at the perfect age for these books. By a strange coincidence, they all happened to be mouse related (Stuart Little, Ragweed, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, Geronimo Stilton) so I decided to create a little mouse mail to go with it. 

I scoured the internet for some interesting facts about mice. Did you know that baby mice are called "pinkies"? I mean, c'mon, isn't that the cutest thing? I made some funny sketches of "mice in action" and created a little handmade book for my pen friend to read along with the books I was giving to her.  

I packed it all up and took it to my post office! Yay!! Hopefully, this back to school box of books will bring a smile to my recipient's face!!

Do you have something that you're not using anymore? Know someone who might enjoy it? Why not send a surprise package in the mail today? It's magical!

Go postal, people!! 
XOXO Mrs. Murphy 


  1. What a sweet post! This has to be one of my favorites for young letter writers. Your illustration is beautiful! I try to create original art for my young pen friends too. They're such an appreciative audience. :)

  2. How fun! And the mouse writing is SO cute!

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