Thursday, January 26, 2017

新年快乐 Xīnnián kuàilè or Happy New Year !

 As I am ever on the look out for reasons to send snailmail, I thought I would do a little research into one of the most internationally celebrated holidays there is!  Chinese New Year!!  January 28 is the first day of the lunar year in 2017 or the beginning of the Chinese New Year! The global festivities are a celebration of color, light and sound! The merriment includes bell ringing, lanterns, firecrackers and dragon dances. Chinese families gather together for a reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, and clean their houses to sweep away bad fortune on New Year's Day. Traditionally, children are given red envelopes stuffed with 'lucky money' and positive wishes on New Year's Day. 2017 is the year of the rooster!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! You had me at red envelopes!! I created a little info-graphic of Chinese New Year fun facts and sent it to one of my pen pals. It was great fun to research the Chinese New Year celebrations and stories and pass this along via post. I hope my recipient will enjoy my little doodles. Who knows? Maybe it will bring some good luck!

In my experience, a hand written letter is always something to crow about! (Year of the Rooster! Remember? Ha!)

Send some Chinese New Year's post, people!  It's lucky and magical!

Mrs. Murphy

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