Monday, February 27, 2017

The Power of Postcards

February is coming to a close and I am about 10 pieces of mail behind on my postal goal is to send 365 pieces of mail. Whew! That' a lot! But fear not, my postal pals. I will reach my goal!! So today I am playing a little catch up with postcards...short, sweet and a magical way to send some massive mail (like 10 pieces).

 I used to think of postcards as only something I would send from my trips. I love picking out pretty, touristy postcards and sending them to my friends back home. But what about non-geographic postcards?? There are some really great postcards out there!  Funny, cute, artistic you name it!! This one would be perfect to send to either of the Murphy Brothers...

Some people have awesome postcard collections from which to send lovely mail. I, however do not. (I'm totally going to start one!) I solved this dilemma by making my own lovely cards. What's better than sending a postcard? Sending your own mailart creations. Yay! Creativity! And it's frugal, too. I used some card stock I had on hand and decorated the cards with a little washi tape, rubber stamps and some old postage stamps from my stamp collection. 
It was a fun way to make some cute and quick postcards!! Any mail that you make and send is wonderful...even if it's "just" a postcard!! Send some to your friends today! It's magic!

Mrs. Murphy