Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Wonderful Rule of (Mailbox) Multiplication

Have you ever heard of the rule of multiplication?  It is something like... the probability that events A and B both occur is equal to the probability that event A occurs times the probability that event B occurs, given that A has occurred.

I'm not completely sure what that means but I'm positive that if I send mail (event A) the probability that I will receive mail (event B) is very great! In fact since I started my mail more magic postal project, I've had so much happy mail! I've even had some spontaneous mail from folks that have just heard about my love of all things postal! Just today I received a hand written note and a fascinating article about receiving mail on the trail during a bicycle adventure. This note and story made my day!! Thank you so much, postal pal! 

I encourage you all to continue your quest to mail more love. We really can stamp out despair one letter, postcard, note, card and package at a time! 

Send more mail, people. It's mathematically proven to be magical!

Mrs Murphy


  1. I love this post and your blog! If you will be​ A, I will be B. I love to find surprises in my mailbox. My blog is Artful Journey📪✉️📫😉

  2. Thanks! I'm always looking for more postal pals!! Stamp out the doldrums! Send snailmail!

  3. What a clever slogan Mrs. M.! May you never find yourself adrift in a sea of doldrum. Write on.

    1. Thank you! And may your mailbox be ever filled with happy mail! "(I get mail, therefore I am!" S. Adams)