Monday, April 10, 2017

100 Days of Mail

Today (April 10th) is the 100th day of the year!  I know this because I was trying to figure out how far behind I am on my postal project. I just posted numbers 80 and 81. A little behind, but I'm cool with it. This project is all about spreading love, joy and gratitude through the magic of the postal system, after all.  Only positive vibes allowed!!

So what have I learned during my 100 days of mail?  I think my letter writing skills have improved. I, hopefully, am becoming a better story teller.  I'm definitely becoming more observant. This project is forcing me to keep my eyes and ears open for great stories and happenings that I can relay in letter form to my pen friends. I also feel more bold and open with people as I write these letters. Writing letters by hand makes me slow down. It gives me time to think through things and ponder deep thoughts.  I find I am taking the time to reflect more on my recipient. Who really is this person to me?  Do they know how I feel about them?  How can I express what their friendship really means to me? There's just something magical about a hand-written note nowadays.  Its rarity seems to make it an appropriate place to express feelings that I don't always share face to face or over the phone. Profound feeling of love and gratitude abound! In other words...MAGIC!!!

This has been a great project so far.  I'm still motiviated to keep on writing!  I've been getting a lot of wonderful replies, too!  Thank you so much! Keep 'em coming! And if you are participating in a postal project of your own I encourage you to Write On!!  It's magic!

Mrs. Murphy