Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Postal State of Mind

I love to send and receive mail with folks from different parts of the world. It's great fun learning all about their towns, cities, states, provinces and countries! I purchased some wonderful stamps from Patrick of Edelweiss Post featuring my home state that inspired me to create some state themed mail to send to my pen pals all over the globe!

This mail project involves a little research...think 4th grade social studies project. You can include details about your state's motto, nickname, bird, tree, flower, animal, song, etc.  You can also list such interesting facts as your state's highest and lowest points, largest and smallest towns and famous folks who come from your state.

It's also great to include touist attractions and points of interest and of course, your personal favorite places to go and things to do!  I like to include my favorite places to eat, too! I love the idea of making an infographic with all the information. You can also send a fun postcard from your home state/country.

 To encourage return snail mail of a similar nature, why not create a fill-in-the-blank for your pen pal to complete with information about their home.  I would love to get some real insider information about some of my pen pal's home states/countries! Hooray! It's a custom travel brochure created just for me!

Send some touristy, information-filled mail, people. It will put your pen pals in a magical state of mind! And don't forget the state themed stamps!

Mrs. Murphy