Who's Mrs Murphy?

Hi! I'm Mrs. Murphy and I love mail!  One of the questions I ask Mr. Murphy nearly everyday is simply, "Did we get any good mail?" More often than not the answer is a hollow, "No."

I love good mail... the envelopes, the stamps, the handwritten sentiments, the thought of a letter traveling across the world to connect two friends!  What's not to love? In this world of instant messages (of which, I admit, I am a huge fan) there is something completely magical about a real letter!

I started my letter writing project, Mrs Murphy's Mailbox Magic, as a way to blend creativity and encouragement!  Letters and packages are a wonderful way to express your creative side... and they have the added benefit of bringing joy to others! My favorite part of snail-mailing is hearing my pen-pals' delight when they receive one of my (hopefully) magical missives! I hope, in my small way, to spread joy and encouragement around the world, one letter at a time.

Connecting with long-lost friends and relatives is wonderful, but I must admit that writing the same boring letter over and over again is decidedly not. That's where this blog comes in. Here I will document my ideas for quirky, clever letters and beautiful packages. I will also share anything fabulous that I receive from my many phenomenal pen pals! I'm hoping the wonderful world wide web will also connect me with other Letter Lovers and their inspired ideas, too! Here's to going postal...in a good way!   ~XOXO Mrs. Murphy

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