Mailbox Ministry

While I love to receive letters of all kinds, the most important letter I have ever received is the Bible. It told me of God’s Love for me and forever changed the course of my life. My Christian faith affects every aspect of my life including my letter writing.  Letter writing is a unique and wonderful way for me to minister to other people in my life. 

Letters are unique and personal.  When I write a letter I carefully choose the stationery along with the words. With each doodle and drawing I add, I share a little piece of myself. There is something intimate and vulnerable about letter writing. Even before my words are read I've sent something special that no once else could have created. This personal nature of a handwritten letter (hopefully) touches the recipient and ministers to them.

Letters can be saved and reread when needed most. If you are sending a word of encouragement or prayer, the recipient can save your letter and reread what you wrote. They can put it on their desk, in their Bible or even carry it with them in a bag or purse. It can be an encouragement that gets many uses. I have saved many special letters over the years and they are a treasure I am able to experience again and again. 

Letters are a perfect way to let someone know they are on your mind and that you care. It's like sending an open invitation. Sometimes people come into my life who are hesitant to open up to others, in these situations I often write letters. I write letters to my friends and neighbors who don't know Jesus.  Sometimes people are skeptical of Christians or have built a wall against "religion."  I send letters to these lovely folks. I try to communicate that I love them and am available to them, if they ever have any questions about my faith in Jesus. Letters are a great way to remind them that my door is open if ever they want to come in!! No pressure!! 

Letters build relationships. I have many penpals of different faiths and lifestyles. We may not have crossed paths in real life but we came together over our love of snailmail and have built friendships through our consistent letter writing. We ask each other questions and answer in love. When it comes to sharing my passion for Jesus and communicating the gospel clearly to these friends, I have found letters useful. In person, sometimes sharing these things is met with argument and discussion that doesn’t allow me to finish my thoughts. If I already have a good relationship with someone, I will share the gospel and my testimony gently through letters. This way they can hear me out—or not read my letter at all. But usually, my pen friends read my letters and respond thoughtfully and with kindness. I think letter writing is a fabulous way to share your testimony with someone and invite them to likewise trust in the God I serve. At the very least, we are sharing ideas, breaking down barriers, and building community around the world. 

Letters are inexpensive!! Anyone can afford this hobby.  Even with the cost of international postage it really doen't cost that much to send a letter around the world. The impact of a letter, however can be priceless, 

Letters are also portable! You don't need a bunch of special equipment. I always carry my snailmail kit.  I never know when I will feel compelled to write to someone. It may be an old friend that the Lord brings to my mind as I am traveling or I will feel the urge to write a note of thanks along with the tip to the housekeeper in our hotel. It's so easy to make a big impact in another person's life. 

Letters can console the grieving, encourage the weary and soften hearts.  Letters can share the good news of the gospel or ask for forgiveness.  You can send them to your penpals, your friends near and far, your family and even your "enemies."  You can send them to your spouse, roommate or children.  You can give them to your barista, doctor, mail carrier or neighbor. Everone loves "good mail."

Do you feel like you don't have much of a ministry? Send a letter!  God can do amazing things with your snailmail.